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An interactive, knowledge sharing networking platform between peers and mentors across high school, graduation, post graduation, research and professional studies. This is a platform to learn, interact with peers and mentors from across the globe, find internship opportunities, be guided through smart career moves, access world-class libraries, shop for ebooks while having fun through it all! In short, its a one stop solution for all of a student’s needs.

Course & Study Materials

Divided into academic, professional, extracurricular, vocational and on-demand. Over 200 verified courses & research papers being added monthly.


Counselling by expert professionals on courses, career, exams, college, writing SOPs & essays, building CVs, VISA application and many more.

Financial Guidance

Find out all about your course related scholarships and loans granted by premier banks/ institutions. And yes, we grant our own Sparterr scholarship!


Find the best internship, project and volunteering opportunities provided by the best of recruiters.

e-Learning, Scholarships, Guidence and Counselling Platform for Teens & Students


With the rapid digitalization of the world, the day is not far off when electronic educational technologies would be used to teach all our school and college courses. The use of Information Technology in education is creating greater immersive experience and engagements for both students and mentors. We predict that the next few years will completely revolutionize this field with the use of newer technologies to impart lessons, use of virtual class rooms and study rooms for interaction, real time feeds from peers and mentors located at different parts of the globe, flexible learning hours, etc. Our platform is going to empower our students with all the awesome and state of the art technologies for a better and more efficient learning experience.

vocational training

We provide the most awesome and the most integrated platform for students. It’s a one stop solution for all of students’ needs. From choosing from thousands of courses and accomplished mentors, to buying ebooks and educational equipments, to interacting with one’s peers and mentors through virtual rooms, to counseling for college admission, to financial guidance or just chilling out with your peers and stress-busting - you have everything at your finger tips. And the best part is, our platform will guide our students from high school to higher studies. We will mentor our students at every stage making sure our students have access to the best libraries and most efficient career advices.

free courses

Our platform will transform the way students, mentors and parents perceive eLearning. We understand the needs and loopholes in today’s eLearning facilities. And as such, what we are offering is the most comprehensive and integrated solution to students’ needs to the minutest details. We also provide the coolest of tools give our student that extra edge, making learning a more fun and effective process. While there are a lot of websites dedicated to particular areas of learning and counseling, we have taken on the ambitious target of amalgamating everything, while excelling in everything. We are the Jack of all trade and Master of all. And that is how we plan to bring about transformation.

student networking

Our virtual rooms help our students get the best out of their mentors and peers. It helps in bringing together individuals from across the world. Thus, now one can easily seek out the mentorship of an expert or impart knowledge to a bright pupil without being intimidated by geographical boundaries through our virtual classrooms. Students can also interact with their peers for projects and assignments thus making studies more collaborative and fun. We also provide virtual interview rooms, for recruiters to conduct interviews for various opportunities like internships, volunteering or projects. It can also be used by professors to interview research students for various research projects.


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