World’s first artificially intelligent networking platform

An artificially intelligent consumer behaviour based networking platform. It quantifies consumer reactions and the various individual and sociological factors associated with market functions. Simulations, analysis and social factors act as conversation enablers within the website. Interrelated knowledge systems allow users to better connect with each other, where one’s own network influences how one prepares or applies for a new job, etc. From the ability to run surveys, feasibility studies & market researches to showing advertisements through various consumer groups- it’s a marketing platform that you just cannot afford to do without!

Productivity Platform

We provide you dynamic and brand-holistic data that you can use to build your next marketing strategies on.

Everything You Are

Representation of individuals as complete aggregation of various social, psychological and professional factors.

Power To You

Eliminate multiple parties through our 2-step process and enhance your productivity and profit margins.

Default Segmentation

Get market ready user segments based on nationality, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, preferences and skills

Market Ready, International, Simulated and Analytics Ready Business Platform

consumer behavior factors
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Socially Segmented Product Launch Platform
  • Social Intelligence
  • Default Access to Jobs which Require same Skill Sets
  • Research Intelligence
  • Full-Funnel Networking Platform
  • Conversation Enabler
  • Library with Productive Content and Videos
  • Social Market Segmentation
  • Real Time Updates for Competitive Products
  • Inter-Related Knowledge System
  • Sales Leads
  • Product Review and Complaints Section available within your Company Page
marketing tool

Disruption is the new darling every company has to deal in the current era of innovative and technological changes. There are many hurdles every individual or company has to pass in order to succeed and sustain their competitive advantages. The task is even more challenging for SMB’s and new graduates who just set out in the corporate landscape and job markets respectively. The changes are colossal in nature and the only solution in front of companies and individuals alike is to either disrupt or get disrupted. Inbuilt artificial intelligence allows Socialyk users to progress and advent ahead without having to worry about critical and major changes within the industry catered. Socialyk is a disruptive networking platform, which is never late for any kind of changes taking place in real time. When it comes to changes in consumer, purchasing or job market behavior, Socialyk enables you to stay current with the disruptions taking place.

product launch platform

As an individual or a company, we are always encountered with competitive products or jobs or other alternatives to the same problem. In order to maintain our existing and probable business relationships, we have to negate the hold our competitors generate over a period of time against us. With research and social intelligence tripled with inter-related knowledge systems within our platform, Socialyk users can continue with their innovative solutions, succeed and sustain their existing business clients. Socialyk felicitates better tracking on the competitors, which can be in any form or size. Socialyk is the perfect solvent to continuous business and technological changes, which arise because of disruption, changes in consumer groups etc. Being able to connect with consumer and companies that match and meet your interests is more important than ever; Socialyk has various functionalities that will help manage your engagements in a proactive manner.

market surveys

Innovation is the core integer for any startup or individual to maintain and prevent at the same time. Established companies and individuals have a lot of richness, expertise and status quo to maintain. Probabilities of risk failure are higher than ever. Any major strategic changes take time to reap rewards and pay in the form of revenues. There is no backward button when it comes to innovative changes; which can’t be done any other way than transformations. Transformations work in the best ways possible within Socialyk that is gaining traction and spreading, helping companies achieve the same. Companies build products and offer services around the needs and expectations of consumers, society etc. Disruption is exciting, un-stabilizing, nervy, tricky and ingrained with improvements. To meet these changes, transformation is mandatory in real time. Socialyk helps you transform by bringing the most updated and real time changes in your dashboards for your disposal. Don’t just stand in the line alone; disrupt, innovate and get transformed. Transformation is the key to changes and stay competitive.


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