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Having served various clients; We have understood the radical changes and paradign shift in the fundamental approaches to ideating, prototyping, developing and scaling any kind of business. We have understood that softwares are critical in the ways they act as an enabler in all the kinds of businesses.

Software or application or platform development is critically dynamic for they involve anticipation of multiple chalenges that come up during the development process. As a result; the concept of developing anything which is SaaS/PaaS even a mobile application has to be rethought. We need to test the network value available at both the ends which is consumers and parent companies. We need to connect rightly in order to execute the maximum potential value through a viable approach. Interested in exploring our viable approaches towards re-invention and re-innovation, You've come to the right team and company of experts. We re-invent and re-innovate.


Innovations and Breakthroughs

1) Intelliber Launching World's first AI based marketing and productivity Platform for SMB's and Startups in October 2015. Our CEO; J Ranjan was recently invited at the BITS Pilani, Goa Campus for a product info session about Socialyk.

2) Our in-house product; Convask which is a social enterprise networking platform with project and operations management capabilities for SMB's highlights our approach towards miminal approval processes and maximum viability.

3) Wouldn't that be great if your content marketers knew how thier content strategy and publications were going to fare even before they release their contents. Use content analytics and content intelligence tools made available to clients of our media platform named Contentuals.

4) Automation and migration of accounting, sales, inventory and taxation modules to the cloud has always been a painstaking experience for small & medium businesses. We help you take care of these through Chargebooks which is an Cloud Based Accounting ERP Solution designed specifically for SME's.

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