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A content networking platform. Its inbuilt intelligence tools and analytics emphasizes how your content is going to fare even before it is released to the public. It helps companies showcase only the best of articles. We use our expertise to evaluate your content and recommend the best possible content spread and distribution channels. Enhance and redeem your ROI through the best content marketing initiatives in front of your best audience.

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Measure the effectiveness of your content and channel strategies through playbooks, e-books and our own “Contentuals” magazine

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We help you interact with consumer intellectuals who have same levels of interest across single or multiple topics and categories.

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We conduct events, projects and researches for companies across multiple content marketing areas.


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content strategy

Contents need to be effectively marketed with a great ROI. Companies just hope there was a great and easy way to achieve that. It’s a painstaking task and is even more painful when you don’t see the expected results for your content marketing efforts. Businesses are unique and so is their content supposed to be. Content needs indulgence and that can only come through relevant stories and ideas coupled with events for content marketing. Your contents need to have an exposure that can never be achieved without various engaging events with your consumers and the society in general. Disruption, innovation and transformation is never easy especially when your company is on a continuous path of change and discovery.

Let Contentuals organize an event for your unique business and we will ensure your consumers and product owners invite you into their world where both can grow and have great times simultaneously. Let us share the dream your business has. Don’t wait! Drop us an email right now at events@intelliber.com and lets create a content oriented community for your business.

startup events

Companies need to innovate every day. Disruption is another name of innovation. Doing things differently in the way it’s transforming the society is a key market driver. There is a continuous challenge businesses have to meet in order to find the best content marketing and delivery channels for themselves. Companies are failing miserably because of their content. If your business needs to win more clients; it needs to have an effective decision influencer content for those probable clients. Your business needs to run effective content marketing projects targeted towards the client you are trying to win and strategically align in order to grow together. Another case is that of handling your competitors who are gaining a hold on your existing market through better offerings. A proper content driven project can help you tackle multiple challenges.

Let Contentuals be a part of your success and content strategy. We will ensure you are not lost in this digital age. Give us a shout right now! Drop us an email at projects@intelliber.com and we will work together with your business in all your content marketing related endeavors.

research papers

Research is critical to the ongoing success of any company. It helps global businesses and their marketers better prepare things for the future. A great research works helps companies bring better products for the market and align their marketing efforts across multiple aspects like benchmarks, agenda, advertisement strategies, product positioning, Continuous changes in technology have only made things more challenging for the businesses on a whole. A better research going into the product helps companies be better prepared to meet futuristic expectations of their consumers. As a global business, which needs to maintain its status quo there are various researches, they need to conduct ranging from issues in business, employees, branding, sales and marketing etc.

At Contentuals we know the right questions to ask from the audience. Indulge Contentuals and help your business by gaining insights into future challenges and current trends across all the areas of business. Contact us at research@intelliber.com and we will conduct the researches on your behalf.

content writing

Our magazine brings you the topics of interest about key issues in businesses across multiple categories. Our magazine helps you analyze key trends and manage them on a consistent basis. It brings your exposure and latest news across startups, technology companies and products, which have innovation at its core. Its available online as well as offline across various book stores and e-book rendering sites.

If you would like to advertise your brand on our magazine, drop us an email now at magazine@intelliber.com


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