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In this digital world we have to confront a whooping number of technological challenges everyday. New disruptions and innovations are changing the way we operate radically. Connectivity and collaboration are becoming the two most important pillars in every company. Business intelligence is evolving and technological practices are becoming aggressive. As such, operational dashboards are becoming the go-to source for productivity and functional efficiency.

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In this digital age there are umpteen technological challenges and most of them are unexpected. Daily operations are getting disruptive; connectivity and collaboration are playing a major role within every company. Business intelligence is evolving and its technological practices are getting aggressive. Operational dashboards are becoming the go-to-source for productivity and functional efficiency. Our data optimization and visualization technique is a highly technological and iterative process focusing on the needs of every user and the way that data is being used to enable informed decision-making. Our experts can help you design the best operational dashboard in the least possible time. Our operational dashboard mockups highlight best industry practices within our company. Email us at: engage@intelliber.com


Day to day changes in business scenarios and technology makes business analysis the most critical aspect in any company. Changes can take place in any way like a new target market, decreasing market share, fluctuating customer needs, increase in demand, lack of proper supply channel and many other ways. In order to maintain their competitive edge, every company needs to conduct proper business analysis. This is where Analyber comes into picture as a perfect business tool to help you survive any kind of cut throat competition you company might encounter. Analyber helps you gather and analyse information from valid and multiple sources to ensure an optimal future prediction is made.

It assists you in devising new business strategies, improve business operations, increase business revenue, understand sales and marketing trends, cut waste, stay ahead of competition, survive changes in business, strategize performance stability, influence and control strategic planning, ensure a progressive bottom line and best decisions for your company.

Analyber is effective and allows managers to circulate a calculated and precise information which helps any team to formulate a plan which will ensure a change in the success. Analyber comes with financial analysis functionality too. Schedule demo at engage@intelliber.com

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Business intelligence and analytic solutions by Intelliber play a great role in decision making, performing operations, reducing wastage, eliminating business problems, executing responses, developing proper business strategy, optimizing and utilizing data information collected from multiple sources. Over the last few years, society and companies have changed a lot in the way they work. BI & Analytic solutions by Intelliber has enabled global firms to engage opportunities, commit top management with targets, develop strategic insights, generate ambitious and approachable informations, create momentum and define a purposeful approach towards doing their businesses with an effective impact. Intelliber experts work in tandem with global clients to create a solution which can help them formulate an organizational strategic plan by discovering analytical opportunities for them.

Being a rising leader in analytic solutions, Intelliber is far better placed than its competitors to meet the BI & Analytics needs of any global firm. To better understand our capabilities, kindly browse through the “Products” section of our website. Engage an Intelliber expert to help you identify analytical opportunities. Choose your industry or requirement/practice area and let one of our technical experts answer your questions, understand your needs and present an analytics solution for your enterprise.

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Data integration plays a really critical role in ensuring the growth of any business. Our existing approaches coupled with products across the social domain leverage existing business intelligence systems within a company. Our BI programs enable increased profitability and efficiency. Our technological processes are iterative and evolving real time and as such enables us to provide uninterrupted deliveries. Agility and scalability enable our social analytic products meet the specific needs of our customers. We guarantee support, optimization and business continuity analysis for our global customers within delivery and support timelines specified.


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