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  • Artificial Intelligence
    Take your business
    ahead with our products!
    Join us in the revelry to work on exciting platforms and products across
    Social, Enterprise, Accounting, education, analytics and content domains.

Changing how innovation works

As a company with product, solution and innovation leadership at its core, Intelliber INC. is helping businesses worldwide in the areas such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), BPM & Software automation, Design Thinking to give back to the community and Platform 2.0 development primarily. Our products like Convask, Contentuals, Sparterr, Socialyk, Chargebooks and Surveyrr is helping SMB's of all size take the leap from being an SMB to that of higher RoI on their marketing or productivity aspects. We are helping SMB's counter those problems which have always stopped them from being a global enterprise. The researches for our platform, solution and innovation leadership take into account factors which consumers need to stay ahead of their competitors. Our offerings are end-user led; re-affirming our self sustaining commitment to innovations which are ahead of the time to help businesses meet future business demands and tackle challenges. Our innovations foster the fact that we are digital savvy, international, futuristically current and ahead of the curve. As a member of Open Invention Network (OIN), Intelliber INC has proudly affirmed its commitment to innovation through non-infirngement and non-agression of patents worldwide. Scroll down for the highlights of our platforms and solutions.


Tap markets like a Pro

Technology can be a killer if you are not in sync with the daily changes your businesses witness. Our platforms and solutions being end-user led enables our partners to stay more connected with their customers than ever. Whether it is default market and consumer behavior segmentation features across Socialyk or a social enterprise networking platform like Convask with inbuilt business management features; our products make your business easier.

Higher RoI

Cost effectiveness is one of the biggest austerity measures that global enterprises do differently than SMB's or Startups. We often hear biggies hiring the best in industry to help them decrease their internal basis points such that they can be more profitable and high value firm.Our products help your businesses achieve a higher RoI through an amazing balance between interactions, navigations, ease of awesome features and proper completion of tasks.

Optimization through Integrations

We help businesses with integration across various platforms and solutions in order to help them with effective optimization of their financial,marketing and operational resources. Our products and solutions are integrated and optimized within the promise technology is supposed to deliver and make businesses agile and faster. We address business challenges and drive best customer insights through respective accelerator frameworks for every business partner on-board.

Futuristic and amazing elements

Helping you run your businesses

Our platforms and solutions help you work seamlessly with your partners and achieve and exceed your business demands on time, every time. Have your ever wondered why your competitors beat you for a particular deal your company had been working on for months. One of the primary reasons why that might have happened is cause your company was not able to envision how the requirements of the particular clients product user would have changed over time. .

We are home to some of the most recognized and upcoming platforms with leadership focus on Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Networking, Cloud Based Accounting & ERP, Content Intelligence, Market Survey & E-Learning platforms.

social intelligence

Intelliber INC. provides efficient, strategic, partner and user focused solutions to the problems through customization and technical deployments of insights gathered from in-house experts across multiple domains and industries. We help our partners stay ahead and and our vision to be a Fortune 500 organization by 2018 drive us to take on biggest challenges and achieve the best for our platform users and partners. We have transformed and helped our partners and platform users in multiple ways in the past. Our products and solutions are customized, exciting and rich in offerings taking into account the minutest of problems faced by today’s users. We help in connecting people through our platforms, helping partners integrate and collaborate across the globe.

market intelligence

Enhancing productivity is the primary focus in-built within the culture of innovation at Intelliber INC. Whenever we speak to an end-user or potential partner; Intelliber proposes platforms and solutions in tune with recent advancements in technology focusing primarily on enhancement of current productivity levels. Using our platforms and deployment of solutions tailor made for the business needs of our partners and platform users have helped them reduce work time, remove middle management, streamline processes, build better networks and a more efficient organizational framework and connect them to their employees, vendors, clients, guides and customers. Comsumerism has led to an intense competition and all the newest challenges need 10X approach and that can only be achieved by enhancing your productivity.

market analysis

Our product features are built so as to give the greatest ease to our users. They are not only made user friendly and time saving but are also built taking into account your needs. We are evolving to give to you more and more tools and applications to make your job easier. We are connecting you to your people and audience, integrating newer technologies, and transforming your virtual lives. Intelliber INC goes where the data is and to enable an informed ddecision making pattern within your organization or your individual ways of how to stress use a particular platform or solution designed for you. Intelliber INC is helping partners in streamlining its data processes, giving them default market segmentation and thus making your jobs a lot easier.

competitor analysis

We are motivated by our desire to bring new and efficient technologies to make your work easier. Our platforms like Sparterr provide data-driven and need based features like virtual class rooms and study rooms to the academic fraternity, default market segmentation tools to market your upcoming or current products via Socialyk, state of the art inventory and asset management systems to accounting & finance professionals through Chargebooks, planning and tracking tools for project management across Convask.

Innovation to our Partners and end-users

As a company, we understand how platforms and customized solutions are supposed to ease your businesses and the art of doing them with awesomeness. Our platforms cater to multiple domains and help our partners be market ready in addition to staying on top of your competitors with real time analytics.

Convask - A social enterprise networking platform for SMB owners

Socialyk - An AI based productivity and networking platform for companies and users

Sparterr - E-learning, virtual classrooms, academic counseling, study & test materials

Chargebooks - A cloud based accounting & ERP Platform for companies of all size

Big data analytics for business intelligence dashboards for real time challenges

Contentuals - A news, events, research, jobs, content analytics & directory Platform

Transforming lives through innovation based practices

Platforms and customized solutions for our partners and users Everyday!

Our focuses are strategically aligned with our vision and mission to be a firm with innovation and values like serving clients with extreme professionalism.


Platform and solution leadership across domains served & being a Fortune 500 Organization by 2018.


Deliver Intelligent Caliber to Bring together communication and productivity for users and companies alike.


Innovation is the most important area of focus at Intelliber INC. That is why we chose to be an OIN member.


Intelliber has been working on multiple values like mutual NDA's etc with its clients through its inception.

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Management Team & Skills

We are dynamic disruptors known and accepted internationally for doing things the street smart way. We are not just cool but possess awesome management styles of functioning and all of us are core believers in the intersection where technology nimbles the ease of doing businesses. We are enablers and possess an aura of getting the business imperatives in place on time, every time. Period!

J. Ranjan

CEO & FOUNDER . Intelliber Inc.

A believer in his own rights. Possessed and crazy about what our products can do for the end-users. EPSM participant of IIMC and MBA from James Cook University of Singapore. A serial entrepreneur who loves traveling when he is not busy working on something awesome or the next big thing for consumers.

Responsible for Sales, marketing, overall operations, disruptive leadership which actually fosters the growth of our startup as a family. A funny social guy who is proactively passionate about the synergies required in creating a great product with planned elements that work great for the users.

Ashish Rohilla

CTO & CO-FOUNDER . Intelliber Inc.

An engineer, business administrator and entrepreneur with a vision to develop and deliver market critical products and services, with innovative capacity, to transform the way people utilize technological resources. Interest, capacity and expertise in innovation and management consulting.

Loves utilizing natures allure, serenity and is ardent about biking on beautiful trails. A social and kind hearted person who likes to contribute to the society in all possible evolutions. Responsible for people, process and technology elevation to warrant the alignments of resources towards “Intelliber” strategic vision.

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